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Wanted Dealers/Distributors for Servo Voltage Stabilizer oil Cooled, Main Line Stabilizer, Automatic Voltage Stabilizers, Inverter, UPS, Variac and Servo Motors.

I am interested for Dealership/Distributorship for Good Quality Solar PV Panel, MPPT Solar Charge Controller.

Wanted Dealers/Distributors : Solar water heater, pressrised/Non Pressrised system system etc/FPC

Dealership enquiries solicited for Led Power Supply, Led Driver.

For CFL(Compact Fluorescent Lamp), LED Lighting (All type of Indoor and Outdoor Lights), Solar Solutions (Water Heater, Inverter, Street Light, Home Light System), Traditional Bulbs and Electronic Goods.

For Solar Water Heater, Street Light, Solar Power Pack, Solar Garden Light, Solar Fan, DC Tube, Lamp, Cap, Mobile Charger, Solar Invertor and Customize Solutions.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for Solar Led, Solar System Led Light.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors in all over India for Energy Saving Luminaries Led Lights.

Dealership enquiry solicited for Solar LED Emergency Lanterns, LED Lights, Solar Home Lighting Systems, LED Torch, Solar DC Table Fan, Electric Irons & much more.

A Franchised Distributor of Nearly 30 Led Lighting brands with international presence and have stock for Leds, Drivers and more. We are preferred distributors of brands like citizen, inventronics & more. Use our advanced lighting product/driver selection tool.

I want distributorship of Led Lights, if you interested work with me so please contact with Me, I am waiting for your reply.

Required Dealers for Led Solar Lantern, Thyristor/IGBT, Peltier, Led Bulb & Led Tubes.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for Complete Lighting Solution(LED, CFL etc) Led Street Lights, Flood Lights, Industrial Bay Lights, Highway Lights, Led panels(Round & square) Led Bulb, Led Strip Lights, Solar Invertor & Solar Panel etc.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for LED & Solar Energy, Solar Street Lights, Solar Batteries.

We are in Led Display and Led Screen. We have single colour, Dual Colour, and Full Colour in USB, GPRS, RS232, RS485, WiFi, RF, GSM.

Dealership Enquiries solicited from all over india. We manufacture Sunpower, Pooja Light, OEM of Solar Water Heater, Solar Street Light.

Business proposals for All CFL parts and material as a imported Chinese Body, CAP, PCB all Wattage are available on a very cheapest price and complete CFL available on order.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for Mobile Chargers, Mobile Charger Spares, Blank PCB, DT, Complete Circuits, Wires, Cabinets, Connectors, Car Charger, Universal Charger etc.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for Circuit Board & Led Products, Like Lantern, Fish Light, Chargeable Torch & Other Lighting Products.

Wanted Dealers for Solar PV Panel, Solar Water Heaters, Solar Street Lights, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Cookers, Solar Home Power Systems, Solar equipment.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for LED Bulb, Tube Light, Down Light Panel Light, Street Light, Flood Light, Surface Mounting Light, Track Light, LED TV all sizes.

We are manufacturing of Led Flood Light, Led Streetlight and Led Bulb. Wanted Dealers/Distributors from all over India.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for Energy Saving Sensors.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for Flood Light, Street Light, Indoor / Outdoor Flood Light, Panel Light, Bulb.

Wanted Dealers / Distributors for Led Bulb, Led Tube lights, Street Light, Flood Light, Panel Lights. We are the manufacturer of all kind Led Products.

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